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The latest from Project Drawdown

From The latest report slightly rephrased. 1) We can reach Drawdown by mid-century if we use the climate solutions already in hand at a large enough scale. We can solve our problems even without technological innovation. 2)...

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Carbon Capture and Storage, Yet Again

A slightly abridged form of this blog was posted at John Menadue’s site. Despite the jaded history of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Australia, the Government has announced it will fund it rather than Renewables. CCS...

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CO2 and Drawdown technology

There is lots of new drawdown technology, which claims to be able to make plastic and fuel out of CO2 extracted from either the air, from coal power, from cow farts and so on. I’m not being sarcastic about the cow farts,...

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Carbon Extraction

There are many plans to extract CO2 directly from the air. Many people assure us it is necessary if we are to keep climate turmoil moderately stable, and avoid tipping points. However, as there is not that much CO2 in the air,...

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