It is, we have been told, (by the Deputy PM, no less), a “bloody disgrace” to talk about climate change during the current massive bush fires, because we have lost lives and property. However, the Coalition don’t refuse to talk about the drug problem after a group of people die from drugs; they do talk about terrorism if people are being fire bombed by terrorists; and they do pretend all sick refugees are criminals and cannot be let into the country.  They also don’t seem to have a problem with the Murdoch Empire’s attempts to blame the fires on apparently non-existant Green party policies or influence.

So why can they not talk about climate change, when there are horrific bush fires threatening people everywhere? Why do they say it is not helpful to lessen the cause of the problem?

The problem for the Coalition, is that they think it a “bloody disgrace” to talk about climate change at any time, unless they are pretending to be doing something.

Perhaps talk about climate change would lead to them having to admit they have been mistaken for a long time about climate, about water, about fossil fuels, about mining in or under water tables, about land clearing, and so on. Being wrong something the Coalition seems to find incredibly difficult to admit.

Who knows, if we talk about climate, perhaps we might start talk about whether their economic policies have done anything other than benefit very small sections of the population.

One crack and the whole thing might start falling apart.