I have just received an email, that tells me that

“Vatican Societas Iesu and Secular Illuminati controlled City of London, People’s Republic of China, United Nations and Obama led US Senior Executive Service Satanic Occultist SOCIALISTS have initiated WAR AGAINST the population and land of AUSTRALIA”

Yes this is through the bushfires and through generating climate change….

You will notice that everyone evil is a Socialist, a Catholic, a financier, Chinese, black, or Satanist. Goes without saying – but they are really Socialists. This perhaps means the Protestant Right now hates everyone. I wonder if the use of the City of London, is a deflection from Wall Street; so that the financial evil in the world is British, not American? or just an expression of all those US movies in which the villain has a British accent (if they don’t have a Russian or Arabic accent). Have these supposed truth seekers been BOUGHT OUT by US finance?

That the US has a Senior Executive Service Satanic Occultist explains a lot. That must be how Trump got in.

“Drought has been engineered through criminally unconstitutional ‘water harvesting’ privatisation of natural water resources.”

This is possibly correct, and privatisation of water has affected rivers severely. Always good to start with something plausible, but this is soon left behind.

“criminally irresponsible neglect of ‘controlled burn’ forestry management”

Ok that’s from Mr Murdoch and the Coalition, and about as wrong as it gets. the controlled burning did not have much effect, even though the rural fire service in NSW supposedly exceeded their targets. Of course things can always be done better. But 17m Hectares is a lot of burning.

If you want a conspiracy about lack of prevention then you could ask what has happened to Peter Dutton who is head of Emergency Management Australia. EMA is supposed to aim at building “a disaster resilient Australia that prevents, prepares, responds and recovers from disasters and emergencies.” It appears Dutton and his department were warned, after the election, of “more frequent and severe heatwaves, bushfires, floods, and cyclones. These will increasingly occur concurrently.” However, he did nothing, and has disappeared during the fires, leaving Scott Morrison to take the heat and the blame.

Anyway, apart from real politics, we have:

“Stratospheric aerosol injection of aluminum and barium fire accelerants.”


“Amplified by Ionospheric Microwave Heater Array weaponry”

How good is that?

“The enormous fire disaster in Australia has nothing to do with anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions ‘climate change’, let alone Australia’s anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions” [This idea of climate change is promoted by] “celebrity prostitutes and Socialist activists delusionally insist in fervent mass murder”

There you are, trying to stop people destructively changing the earth systems is now to be classed as mass murder.

And this fire disaster represents a political take over by such people as:

“Extinction Rebellion, School Strike 4 Climate and the National Union of Students.”

Yay!!!! But these evil students want

“total conversion to SolarCity and SpaceX/StarLink/NeuroLink ‘Smart Grid’ Neural Implant Integrated ‘Internet of Things’ Electronic Enslavery & Eugenics Extermination 5G ACTIVE DENIAL Microwave Radiation Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

Whatever that is.

Insects are being exterminated via


I guess this is more obvious than insects are dying because of genetic modification of crops, massive use of insecticides or changing ecologies.

“5G Ghz Prelude to 6G Thz Plague
UN Agenda 2030 ‘666’ Terra Hurts ‘Lake of Fire'”

I like Terra Hurts…. and the 666 frequency. But again I understand many people are disturbed by 5G, so we might as well add that to the mix.

“Kevin Rudd & Julia Gillard’s massive donations to Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play Child Sex & Cannibalism corruption, blackmail and extortion linked to Cardinal Pell”

In case you didn’t know, the first part of this is standard right wing noise. There is precious little evidence presented, but then the Clinton Foundation is not the Trump foundation, which seemed to indicate its charitable object in its name. Anyway, we all know Hillary is crooked, so this just adds to the weight of socialist, Satanist, English, Chinese, Vatican crooks. They all have something in common. We don’t like them.

China is bad, it is growing emissions… but

The rabid, deluded and democidal POLITICAL “climate change” drones refuse to ever direct their efforts against the PRC:

That could be because many of them don’t actually vote in the PRC, or speak Chinese, and they have no political influence there. But plenty of people do criticize China and India, although both countries are expanding their renewables at a considerable rate.

“ACHTUNG ! Stop breathing ! How dare you exhale CO2 ! I said stop breathing !”

This, I presume, is a parody of a person who believes in climate change. Clearly these people have swallowed the idea that CO2 is absolutely harmless under all circumstances, and we can have as much as we like. Here let me show you:

before the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, atmospheric carbon dioxide densities where at near starvation levels for planetary flora whereas the current atmospheric carbon dioxide density is still only 40% of the optimal level for planetary flora.

We need more CO2 its good for you, even if its poisonous. The people who wrote this must be the EXTERMINATING SLAVES of the fossil fuel companies!!!!

We should also probably stop chopping trees down, so they can benefit from all this beautiful CO2, but that is not part of the agenda either, maybe they are fossil fuel bought out loggers. Oh and wasn’t China bad for increasing its emissions? If emissions are good, surely they should be welcomed as saviours of the worlds plant life?

I ran a game once in which the criminal shape changing lizards who ran the world, were trying to terraform Earth to something more suitable to their biology….. Seems like reality has almost caught up….

Climate change is the kind of strange object which for many people seems to make a conspiracy of disparate powerful and non-powerful people, (Catholics, Satanists, socialists, politically diverse scientists, school children with hyper-weaponry), more believable than a conspiracy of neoliberals and established fossil fuel interests, who already have networks, paid for think tanks, paid for politicians and a documented reputation for deception and ruthlessness. Indeed the success of the latter can be shown by the fact that the former have not managed to get any thing done to delay climate change at all, and the latter have managed to do things which should make it worse.

Why is this displacement so?