Community energy may be the way to go, all over the country, or indeed all over the world.

In Australia, we clearly cannot wait for the State and Federal Governments to do anything, as they seem quite happy with increasing emissions either here or elsewhere in the world, or in confusing people so that they build solar farms and find they can’t connect to the grid.

Neither State nor business, will do it in time. We have to do it ourselves at the local level, and be willing to fight the obstacles that State and business will put in our way. But we can learn from each other, and every time some community has a victory, it needs to be widely advertised.

Perhaps we need a clearing site somewhere to put up these victories and how they were performed? I’d be happy to put up a web site if there was nothing happening.

Congrats to all those who have been involved in making the video below….

[as a footnote, I’m not sure why the sheep are not expected to graze on the solar farm under the panels, in the farm part of the story…..]