People keep saying neoliberalism is dead, but its still seems the common sense of the time. However, its replacement with more austerity for ordinary people, and still no action against fossil fuels seems perfectly acceptable.

We need to be clear. Neoliberalism is not just an economic theory, it is a political programme, backed by the corporate elites, and their networks (such as the Atlas Network), to increase their power and riches.

The principles of neoliberalism:

  • Business is good. Big Business is better than small business
  • Business generates riches, therefore it must be protected.
    • As big business is better than small business, it needs more protection.
  • The Market should govern everything.
  • The Market is the best way of doing everything.
  • The Market is the only important thing in life.
  • Anything which interferes with the market is very very bad.
    • These bad interference things include; unions, environmental protections, anti-pollution laws, planning for the good of society, taxes on the rich, affordable health care, democracy, and so on.
    • The ecology is a subset of the market, and the market can ignore it and fix all its problems.
    • These bad things must be inhibited or prevented by State legislation. Tax cuts for wealthy people and big business are nearly always acceptable, even if apparently unfunded.
  • Some things which appear to interfere with the market are not really interferences with the market and can be ignored.
    • Such as: taxpayer subsidies for established companies; military spending; rich people or organisations buying policies or being able to regulate the market; state contracting to business; cartels; monopolies; businesses co-operating to reduce wages and conditions or set prices; price gouging; suppressing data harmful to business etc.
    • If these are faults then they will be corrected by the market. No need for legislation.
  • Neoliberals should never talk about the possibility of wealth being a source of power, or wealthy people co-operating for their personal good against workers, and the word plutocracy should never be mentioned. As this is unreal. The Market will not allow it.
  • It should never be discussed, but plutocracy is good, and we call it democracy – as it counts the people who count.
  • Market failure, is always the fault of the government.
  • Poverty is always the fault of the poor. If they are poor that is because they are incompetent, lazy, stupid or criminal.
  • The term ‘class war’ can only be applied when poorer people, or workers, attack the neoliberal system of plutocracy. If the Rich classes attack the poor, then that is just The Market in Action and hence is good for everyone..