I read yet another blog post saying that people voted for Trump because they “abandoned reason”, that they kicked against reason… but…

I don’t think there is any evidence that people got fed up with reason. They thought that what was being presented, by people who they did not like, as reason would lead them to behave un-normally.

They would have to abandon tenets which had guided their entire lives, and there was no viable replacement for those tenets which they did not think would bring chaos. So they reasonably chose a man who seemed to placate them and agree with them and their tenets, and had no truck with those they blamed for destroying their certainties.

He had been successful in the way success was measured by them, so maybe he could do something, and the reason of others was as likely to be wrong as theirs was to be right, so why not give it a try.

Reason does not lead you to places your assumptions cannot take you. It can only tell you if you are consistent….