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Peak Oil again!

Peak oil is an important concept but it often seems misunderstood. Peak oil being passed does not mean oil will be unavailable immediately, which I have read people as saying. These statements then seem to lead to people arguing...

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Is ‘Peak Oil’ here?

This is an important question. Basically peak oil arrives, not because oil has run out, but because the amounts of energy expended to obtain the oil, transport and refine the oil, is close to, or over, the amount of energy...

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Who wants to ban fossil fuels?

I keep reading people on the Right alleging that people on the Left want to ban fossil fuels NOW. I wonder who they are talking about? Most people who think climate change is a crisis caused by the burning of fossil fuels, seem...

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A New Energy Crisis???

Probably most people remember the recent UK energy crisis, with extremely high energy prices, the collapse of at least 25 UK energy companies between September and December 2021, and increased numbers of people facing energy...

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