Let’s think about a few things in Australia.

We have massive river disruption and dead fish because of handing water to agricultural corporations, apparently corrupt management and the rural party not wanting to look ‘green’.

We have coal mines contaminating limited water supplies near the city of Sydney and for the whole artesian basin which is vital for inland water.

We have coal mines being freed from any regulation which might help local people breathe easy.

We have high rise residential buildings cracking up because of privatized quality control.

We have right wing media lying about climate change and the ice caps.

We have a dying barrier reef.

We have taxpayers’ money being spent on roads which destroy houses and suburbs.

We have unfiltered pollution stacks concentrating road tunnel pollution onto residents and schools.

We have taxpayers’ money subsidizing coal and oil and road tolling.

We are encouraging deforestation and loss of natural habitat for even iconic animals like Koalas.

We have hospitals being demolished for property developers and replaced with hospitals an hours ride further away, so that people with heart attacks and strokes will suffer permanent damage.

We find it easy to spend lots of taxpayers’ money chasing up and impoverishing tends of thousands of people on welfare, but its too expensive to find out if private Aged care facilities, supported by the taxpayers, are starving their inmates to increase profit.

What does this all mean?

It is simple. The Right want to kill you for corporate profit. That’s it. That’s their coordinating policy – your death.