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This second post was forwarded to me, by an intelligent guy, he was just helping me to know what people thought.

This post is not from the wilder fringes of paranoia either. There are much more excessive examples.

She’s all over the news these days, but 16-year-old Greta Thunberg isn’t homegrown or grassroots. Her climate schtick is completely a product of George Soros and Company, which feeds Thunberg her lines

The right seems plagued with fantasy. Take the whole George Soros thing. After he retired, Soros made a couple of mistakes.

He wrote some abstract books about the complexities of the market, which implied that you could make money out of markets because they were not optimal – which contradicted rightist dogma. He made it clear, in more popular books, that the neoliberal revolution of looking after big business first, did not deliver what it promised for ordinary people and, as a ‘master of finance’, his words might have some influence so he had to be discredited. The Republicans reacted as usual with fantasy, innuendo, abuse, and assertion that markets were the best, and that anyone who thought otherwise was after your liberty. He also tried to help to support democracy in Eastern Europe and ran foul of the Russian State, with the usual consequences. He then supported help for civilians in Syria, and of course the Kremlin rounded on that pretty heavily accusing him of supporting ISIS and terrorism etc… Whole heaps of pretty obviously fabricated stories circulated. Why would Soros support Isis? he’s Jewish to start with, and it contradicts everything he has ever said or done…. but coherence, or plausibility, does not count to those who would discredit him.

Yes people even insist that Thunberg is his granddaughter or pet robot or something.

as she traipses around the world pretending to have come up with all this climate hysteria on her own.

Hmm I’ve never seen or heard anything from Thunberg which suggests that she pretends to have come up with “all this climate hysteria” on her own. Is this writer pretending to have come up with climate denial hysteria on their own? I doubt it, but perhaps they are? Perhaps they are trying to pretend to be a completely original and independent thinker? I don’t know. But I guess the statement is dimissive, so it might sound persuasive, if you were already inclined to dimiss Thunberg and global warming, and weren’t reading with that much attention..

In truth, Thunberg is never without her handler, Luisa-Marie Neubauer, a 23-year-old, far-left activist from Germany who’s the “Youth Ambassador” for an international lobbying and campaigning organization known as the “ONE Foundation,” which is funded by George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and Bono, among other celebrity names.

Thunberg associates with a few people who have similar ideas!!! Oh wow. People like Alan Jones, or oil company executives, would never do that! They wouldn’t use the Atlas Network or anything. They have way too many principles for that.

“Far left” clearly means anyone who thinks the kind of argument being put forward in this anti-Thunberg email is silly.

Besides the fact that Thunberg herself comes from a family of freemasons, her mother supposedly having ties to Bavarian Illuminati founder Adam Weisshaupt,

Her family are supposedly freemasons. No evidence is given, but let’s assume its true even if the name dropping of Adam Weisshaupt, pretty much implies the writer has no evidence but lots of fantasy. The “supposedly” is neat, because if anyone can be bothered to show that it is bullshit then the writer can say it was only supposedly, they weren’t asserting it was true…..

But it is true that the founders of the US were nearly all freemasons. They must also be involved in this conspiracy as well!!!! They plotted all those years ago so that a Swedish teen would try and take on the oil and coal companies!! to instigate their plan for world communism and wealth redistribution!!!

Well it’s as rational.

Neubauer, her controller, works for a major globalist entity that’s working to implement Agenda 2030 in Germany via the Paris Climate Accord.

Her controller? Do we have any evidence for that? No? What is the Sinister “Agenda 2030”? It’s a UN plan for sustainable development involving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Must be evil. We want unsustainable development now!!! non of this survival crap. And Germans are in favour of cutting emissions. It’s A NAZI-COMMUNIST-FREEMASON-UN PLOT!!!!

Neubauer is also a member of Alliance 90, The Greens, and Green Youth, three communist organizations that are using the “threat” of climate change as a cover to push for sweeping policy changes all around the globe – changes that will, of course, eliminate freedom and liberty in order to “save the planet.”

We need freedom to destroy the planet, or we are not free??? Ok, that is a bit weird, but I guess these people have never heard the conservative saying that with freedom comes responsibility. And they assume that everyone opposing them can be described as communist – even those pro-capitalist people like Bill Gates who think climate change is likely to be true.

No matter how many times climate change is exposed as a total hoax, there’s still a contingency of the populace that believes it to be the gospel truth – especially when little girls appear all over the news to reprimand the world about the “science” behind it.

No matter how often climate change denialism is revealed to be a total hoax and the facts all wrong, a tiny number of denialists keep repeating their hoax as if nothing had changed. They appear all over the media, to reprimand or supress anyone for listening to scientists.

Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that Thunberg isn’t coming up with the many scripts she reads before Congress, the media, and most recently the United Nations. Heck, she doesn’t even speak English as her first language, yet somehow we’re supposed to believe that Thunberg is able to come up with a nonstop flow of professional speeches to present on any given day?

And she is Swedish and speaks English competently – Must be Rosemary’s baby!!!! No teenager could speak English competently, even if most younger Swedes speak English, extremely well.

“So-called ‘climate change’ remains the greatest fraud being perpetrated on humanity,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit. “It is nothing more than a multi-trillion dollar taxation and wealth redistribution program scheme designed by the U.N. to destroy America by destroying capitalism.”

Wow, A Commentator? Wonder what science they specialise in? Wonder who pays them? Yes let’s just say people who accept the science are hoodwinked, and those who accept propaganda are free thinkers. If we repeat it often enough, it must be true.

Let’s be real…. Climate change denial remains the greatest fraud being perpetrated on humanity. It is nothing more than a multi-trillion dollar taxation and wealth redistribution program scheme designed by the corporate elite to destroy America and the world by supporting big business and ecological destruction. I’m not supplying any evidence for this position either, but at least it’s plausible, because that is what it does….

The right often seems very weird. I suspect it is because they are supporting policies that spell destruction for most people, and have to promote culture wars, fiction and endless abuse, because that is all they have to get people on side.

I’ve always been interested in varieties of conspiracy theory, because I don’t think you can understand modern politics if you don’t consider it to be (more or less) central to mainstream righteous political discourse.  

It is important to realise what kind of (dis)information circulates as ‘fact’ amongst large amounts of the population, and how little it appears to connect with reality, and how many strands of imagination can be connected in a few words.

People, who I knew, in the centre and moderate left in the US did not even know what most people believed was fact about Hilary Clinton. To them, it seemed completely unbelievable that anyone could believe this kind of stuff, and yet it probably helped bring about Donald Trump. Trump’s real misdemeanours where not in the same league as those imagined about Clinton. Possibly Trump could not continue without the widespread tolerance of idea of the great left-wing conspiracy which firmly controls government bureaucracy, universities, business and media.

Once you understand the terms, the evil leftist conspiracy is even hinted at by respectable people like Amanda Vanstone who should be above using it, but is not, as we shall see in the next piece. Certainly her more outré readers would get the references and implications.

Those on the right who know this has to be rubbish, may tend to respond by thinking that all information is equally rubbish, and become cynical about ‘everything’. Nothing is true, nothing is accurate, there is nothing to do except just keep on keeping on. Climate change might be a hoax too – certainly if they don’t like the solutions which are proposed.

The “Info-wars” site and its like, seem almost mainstream nowadays amongst the right, but I can’t think of anything even remotely comparable on the left – apart from those very few supposedly Labor people who tell me the Greens deliberately set out to get Scott Morrison elected – but they seem to rouse more scorn than acceptance… They are not mainstream in the same kind of way.

Is it possible to discuss anything with people who proudly break all the procedures of logic and evidence? I’d like to think so, but how do we do it????